What’s the Point of Stain Blocking?

What’s the Point of Stain Blocking?

Depending on your previous property-ownership experiences, you may or may not have heard of stain blocking.

It’s mostly used in old or damaged properties, for myriad reasons. Most commonly, this type of procedure is done to cover any and all staining issues in a building’s walls and/or flooring. Read on to learn exactly how a stain blocking service works, and why it may be beneficial for your home repair needs.

Why Do Property Owners Utilize Stain Blocking?

Simply put, accidents happen.

More specifically, stains happen. Whether the responsibility for creating these stains lies with you and your employees or family, or occurred before you started occupying the property, it is on you now to get them cleaned and out of view. This is why many property owners choose to hire a stain blocking service.

Stain blocking is primarily for overlaying heavy, invasive stains, as you might find with smoke and water damage.

However, stain blocking also eliminates the possibility of these old stains making their return by seeping through any new coats of paint or varnish applied to your walls.

This process is thus an effective solution for a very common problem. Smoke and water stains can also foster the development of odors and mildew, which are harmful to breathe in.

Proper stain blocking will ultimately stop these processes from happening, making your home or facility safe to be in.

What Else Can Stain Blocking Be Used For?

In addition to stopping stains in their tracks, stain blocking can also even out a previously uneven surface. Think about it in terms of filling a hole with cement. Once you’ve finished pouring and smoothing the cement over, it’s as if the hole never existed.

Furthermore, using a stain blocking service will ultimately improve the quality of the surface being treated, ensuring a better overall lifespan.

For these reasons, stain blocking is a reliable and beneficial tool for removing wall stains—for good.

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