Polished Concrete – What is it?

What’s Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete includes a construction material which most often is utilized as flooring for Home Decorating. It’s created as regular concrete is ground down then polished. A few advantages of polished concrete are that it’s fairly low-cost, is durable, requires little maintenance, and possesses a unique look. Its shortcomings are that it may be uncomfortable to stand on for lengthy time periods, may make a room feel cooler and may make louder sounds while walked on than additional types of flooring. Polished concrete may be discovered in government buildings, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and other venues.

How is Polished Concrete Done?

Concrete traditionally is polished with a special machine. The machine will rub diamond-containing segments or disks against the concrete in order to wear it down. Diamonds are utilized because their hardness assists in grinding concrete more effectively. Polishing and grinding are performed in multiple steps. At first, segments with a rougher or coarser grit are used, and though the quantity of grinding required at this phase varies, rough grinding typically is done 3 – 4 times. After this, a hardener will be applied to the concrete in order to fill its pores in. Disks that have a finer diamond grit then are utilized to again grind the concrete down. The fine grinding, referred to as polishing, also is performed multiple times and continues on until the floor accomplished the desired finish. At last, a sealant may be — yet isn’t always — applied to the concrete.

Polished Concrete Requires Little Maintenance

Polished concrete floors for Home Decorating will require little maintenance. Sometimes, it requires mopping, yet other than this, it’ll require little routine maintenance or cleaning. How often it requires mopping depends upon the quantity of traffic upon the floor and the kind of use. Such flooring doesn’t have to be waxed, because of the hardening solution that is applied to it while grinding. Also, it’ll resist stains, scuff marks, and other regular signs of wear. It’s durable and doesn’t have to be replaced as often as other types of flooring, therefore it’s considered to be eco-friendly. However, polished concrete does have to be refinished every 5 to ten years. Polished concrete will have a distinctive Home Decorating appearance. It’s very smooth and possesses a glassy look, because it’ll reflect a substantial quantity of light. The concrete aggregate sometimes will be exposed.

Not all polished concrete floors are identical, though. It may be decorated in various ways. Those variations may include changing the texture or color of the concrete. For instance, polished concrete may be stamped, painted, stained or patterned.

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Bob Jennison

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