tips for doing exteior paint colors the right way

Tips for Doing Exterior Paint Colors the Right Way

Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal, you hear this especially when buying or selling a home.  You need great curb appeal.  What does this mean?  Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street, front entrance, siding, landscaping etc.  In other words your house needs to blend in while standing out.  Easy right? (NOT!)

One of the biggest curb appeals successes or failures is paint color.  You could have the best landscaping and best front door, but the wrong paint color scheme may not only be a curb appeal failure it could detract the value of your home.

Here are tips for selecting exterior paint colors to insure great curb appeal.

When selecting an exterior paint scheme for your home you need three colors body, trim, and accent color.

#1 Tip For Doing Exterior Paint Colors the Right Way: BODY

The body and trim of a house should blend with the neighborhood.  Painting your house a bright turquoise color in a greige (gray/beige) neighborhood will make your house stand out.  However, it will not help your curb appeal and will actually detract the value of your home.  You want your home to showcase your style and personality but the body and trim color of your house are not the place to go bold.

Here are three general rules for body paint color selection.  First look at your neighbor’s house on the left and right. What colors do you see? If both are dark bodies go light, if both are light bodies go dark, if one is dark and the other lighter pick a shade between.

Second does your house have stone or brick?  You want to select a paint color that’s complimentary to the stone or brick.  A great tool to help you figure what colors are in your stone is the ColorSnap app from Sherwin Williams.

Once the app is downloaded you can snap a photo of the stone in the app and it instantly pops-up with a bunch of colors found within the stone, along with the paint color name and number.

Third you want to select a color that’s complimentary to the surrounding homes.  Lighter earth tone colors are trending now when selecting exterior body and trim paint.  Colors such as blues, beiges, grays, and greens allow homes to blend in with the landscaping for a subtle fresh look.

Remember you want to blend in.  I’ll let you know when you can stand out.

#2 Tip For Doing Exterior Paint Colors the Right Way: TRIM

The trim color should be a contrasting color from the body color.  For years the exterior trim trends were lighter now it’s all about the dark trims.  The most popular trim is a deep bronze brown or black color.  If that’s not appealing to you an easy way to select the trim color is to go a shade or two darker than the body color.   By doing this you still have contrast and the main colors will flow for a subtle modern look and feel.

Another option is if a warm lighter color is selected for the body, select a cool dark color for the trim.  A mix of cool and warm tones creates the perfect balance providing an inviting feel to all who enter.

#3 Tip For Doing Exterior Paint Colors the Right Way: ACCENT

The accent color is where you need to go bold allowing your personality to shine through.  Here’s where you can have the bright turquoise door!

Determining what the accent color should be can be a daunting task but with these tips you’ll breeze through it like a pro.  If you have a cool colored house like a gray, select a warm color like a brick red for the accent.

If you have a warmer colored house in a light brown beige, pick a cool color in the blue or green family for the accent.  By doing this it mixes the cool and warm color spectrum allowing for a soothing appearance.

Next, pick your favorite color whether it’s crimson red or turquoise.  Once you have the general color it’s time to decide – do you go for a rich deep tone or a lighter brighter?

General rule  – you want contrast, so if your house’s body color is light go darker on the accent and vice versa if its dark go a few shades lighter.

The Last Few Finishing Touches that Most Homeowner Forget

You’re almost curb appeal ready.  With the accent color selected the key is balancing the accent color in surrounding elements such as flower pots, shutters, and mailbox.  By doing this the accent color on the front door won’t call attention to the door yet show you stand out while blending in through the property’s scape for perfect curb appeal.

How You Know  it’s Time To Call a Pro

Curb appeal is the first impression people have when approaching your home.  It’s the put together look that makes everyone in the neighborhood envious of your home but they don’t know why.  A fresh coat of paint and the right color scheme, is a cost effective quick way to add curb appeal.  Balancing out your bold accent color with subtle details of adding the same accent color from the front door to the planters, shutters and mailbox are just the finishing details that leave people envious over your curb appeal.

Let Jenco Companies help make all your neighbors envious of your curb appeal with our paint job!  Call us today for your free paint estimate (209) 931-8129.

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