Three Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring

Three Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring

Choosing flooring can be a difficult task, and every option likely has unique pros and cons. One of the most popular choices is epoxy, and when you do some research, you’ll see why. Epoxy floor covering is an affordable and durable option that protects against wear and tear than would otherwise damage your floors.

These are just a few of its many benefits, though. If you are considering epoxy flooring, you should consult with a contractor to see if it is the right option. A flooring professional can help you make a decision, but here are three reasons you might want to join the club and go with epoxy.

Its Versatility is Unmatched

Do you need a flooring material that’s resistant to chemicals, aesthetically pleasing and boasts superior safety? An epoxy floor covering offers all of this, which is why it’s one of the most versatile flooring materials available. It’s perfect for use in a home or garage, since it reduces slippage and is exceptionally strong. It’s also perfect for use in many commercial environments, too. It can be used in auto shops, warehouses and factories. It is favored in many industrial buildings because few other flooring options provide the same level of safety and durability.

It Doesn’t Require Extensive Maintenance

How often do you have to clean your carpet? Do you have to buff hardwood floors regularly? Most form of flooring require a minimum level of maintenance, and it can be unavoidable. This maintenance eventually eats up time and money, though, and it’s little more than an inconvenience. An epoxy floor covering is one of the only materials you will find that truly requires minimal maintenance. The covering seals the underlayment, which means that once it sets, it is no longer porous. You don’t have to worry about dust and bacteria gathering and polluting the air. A regular sweep and mop is adequate for maintaining it.

You’re Helping Out the Environment

As if the above reasons aren’t enough, you can add a lesser environmental impact to the list of reasons an epoxy floor covering is a good idea. It can massively reduce the use of resources when it is used to re-coat existing flooring rather than installing a new material. Since it also lasts longer than most other options, you will replace it less frequently and minimize unnecessary waste. We can help you get the most out of epoxy.

When you’ve decided on a flooring option, we will partner with you to produce a high quality result.

Bob Jennison

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