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The Differences Between Polished Concrete Floors

You may not be aware that there are two different types of “polished concrete” floors.

There is a process that is a topical coating and there is a process that is a mechanical polishing.

Let me explain the differences between polished concrete floors and why you want a true mechanical polished floor.

A Topical Coating is a Poor Mans Polish

While a concrete polishing with a topical coating may seem like the way to go because of the original price comparison with a true mechanical polish, but you really need to take a closer look.

A topical coating seems so easy and there are many salesman who will paint a pretty picture, but you will begin a maintenance nightmare. It works out well for the salesman because you will have to continue buying his equipment and product to maintain it.

Topical Clear Coat
This method applies a chemical or coating to the surface of the concrete. Then, it’s sealed or buffed to produce a sheen. While this method can be cost-effective, it lasts only a year or two; eventually, the Topical Sealer will chip, crack, or peel. Remember, nothing you can put on your concrete floor is harder than the concrete itself.

You will continually have to re-coat the high traffic areas while trying not to overload the rest of your floor. Saving a few dollars on the original outlay may be tempting, but you will pay for it for years.

concrete topical coatings failure
Topical coating failure

Why Mechanical Polishing is Superior

When you install a true mechanical polish you will have the lowest maintenance floor possible. You can polish it to 800 grit and just auto scrub or mop it for years (imagine the floors you see in chain stores like Lowes and Home Depot).

Polished Concrete Chase Service Bay

You may never have to touch it with a polisher again – NO JOKE!

If you want a high sheen you can polish it to a 3000 grit and get a very high sheen that actually comes from the sand in the concrete. When the sand is polished with diamonds it makes it shine like glass because the sand is actually melted (think of a glass blower making a vase).  The true shine is not from a chemical, it is inherent in the concrete, so it will never wear off.

Concrete Floor Polishing Industrial

If you have any questions about how the process works, come by our Design Workshop full of examples of the various options.

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Clean Polished Concrete Floor

How to Clean and Care for Your Polished Concrete Floor

Congratulations on your new polished concrete floor! “Now how do I clean my polished concrete floor?”, you may ask.

We brag about how much you will save on maintenance with a polished concrete floors over any other type of floor covering, but you may be wondering:

How do I Clean My Polished Concrete Floor?

All You Need to Know About Polished Concrete Floor Cleaning

First, let’s talk about what you should not do to your polished concrete floor. Never use any acidic based cleaners like:

  • Swiffer Wet-Jet
  • Pine-Sol
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Citrus Based Cleaners
Cleaning products not to be used on polished concrete floors

Do This to Clean and Shine your Concrete Floors

We suggest you use a dry micro fiber dust mop as much as you want. This will clean up loose debris and dust.

Use an Auto Scrubber or mop  with a neutral PH Cleaner, like Prosoco® Consolideck® LSKlean Ultra.  You can use this 1-2 times a week to clean and degrease your floor. Fit your Auto Scrubber with a 3000 grit Diamond Impregnated Hogs Hair Pad to help maintain and shine the floor.

The floor can be reburnished at any time to bring back the shine, but typically this process only needs to be done every 3-5 years.  Call us when you need your floor reburnished. It only takes 1-4 hours depending on the amount of floor.

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Don’t Let the Other Trades (like the painters) Do This

Leaving tape on a polished concrete floor can and will damage the finish on the floor. There is an acid in the adhesive in tape that will etch the concrete and leave a permanent mark on the floor. The mark can only truly be fixed by regrinding and polishing the affected areas.

If you need help with your concrete floor, feel free to give us a call

Bob Jennison