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Jenco Companies Adds Machine for Floor Demolition

FLOOR DEMOLITION – Remove Old Tile, VCT, Glue Down Carpet and Hardwood

Are you replacing your floor covering and wondering how your going to tackle the floor demolition?

Are you asking yourself “Isn’t there a way to easily remove old tile, VCT, glue down carpet or even hardwood?”

Jenco Companies just acquired this slick 2000 lb. machine to quickly remove existing flooring and residual adhesives making your floor demolition easy peasy.

Jenco Companies will save you a tons of time with your floor demolition and give you better results. Having a clean and solid substrate is the best way to ensure your new flooring will look it best and perform its best.

Jenco Companies will scrape it up, haul off and have your floor ready for installation of your new floor in no time.

Call us today to find out more.

Bob Jennison