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What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor-jenco-companies

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor?

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor-jenco-companies-floor-polishing-stockton-ca

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor?

Floors may seem inconsequential to some, but to anyone who’s had to confront the reality of replacing a flooring solution, building an entirely new one for an aspiring home or renovation project, or just generally anyone with knowledge about construction will know that, both visually and structurally, the floor finish is incredibly important.

It’s what we stand on – it has to support our weight, the weight of our appliances and furniture, and in garages, they have to support even more.

But a floor isn’t a matter of material – it’s also a matter of finish. Different materials require different finishes – and among these options, some are better than others depending on your financial means and the circumstances of the floor you own. So let’s go over what some of your options are, and which are best in that regard.


The thing of beauty with concrete is that it is incredibly versatile – almost frighteningly so. Basically, concrete gives you the ability to have a cost-effective flooring option, and then hand paint, stencil, stain or finish it as you please to create tile-like looks, an entirely perfectly polished commercial floor, metallic-pigmented flooring to resemble wood or natural stone, and even carpeting.

As per the Concrete Network, there are plenty of floor finishing service options – but the most common are pure polishes and epoxy coatings.

Polished concrete is smooth, glossy, and high-luster.

Epoxy coatings make a concrete floor incredibly resistant to force, chemicals, heat and more – all while giving you a myriad of color options, at the expense of a higher expense.

What really matters in concrete finishes is the quality of the company administering your floor finishing service – but if you contact a quality provider, like Jenco, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Bob Jennison