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Invest in a Lasting Epoxy Floor Coating

Invest in a Lasting Epoxy Floor Coating

There are many benefits to having epoxy flooring professionally installed that can protect your floors and make them look spectacular. Epoxy itself is a durable and hard wearing solution that is perfect for both industrial and commercial flooring. It can be applied over a concrete floor to offer an attractive, high performance surface that is perfect for many different purposes. Epoxy flooring should be installed by the experts so you are assured quality flooring at great prices, with the work being handled by professionals in the industry.

The Different Types of Businesses that Can Utilize Epoxy Floors Include the Following:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses · Commercial Facilities
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Buildings
  • Laboratories

Epoxy: A Viable and Valuable Flooring Solution

Epoxy coatings on floors can create a high gloss, durable, hard wearing surface. The advantages come through the initial installation phases clear through to long-term maintenance. This type of coating is very fast to install and easy to clean. When epoxy coatings dry they provide a seamless surface that can easily be wiped free of debris, dirt, and dust. The end results of this type of coating can turn a concrete floor into a high performance surface that lasts for many years. In the long run you will save time and money when you choose to have your floors coated with an epoxy coating applied by the professionals.

Get an Attractive and Affordable Flooring Solution

Epoxy coatings come in many different styles and colors. The possibilities are endless. You can choose to have one color used, or choose few to have a decorative pattern applied to your floor with many colors. This also allows you to design designated work and traffic zones. When different colors are used together certain zones such as forklift zones, safety zones, and work zones can be easily located.

Improve the Safety of Your Business

An epoxy floor can improve the safety of your business too. It can become a surface that is chemically resistant for industrial plants, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Epoxy is also used to create an impact, fire, slip, and heat resistant floor coating. Just the high gloss on this type of floor can improve the brightness of a work area by 300%. When you consider that it is also a flooring solution that’s environmentally friendly, it’s easy to see why investing in this type of flooring is a great option for your business.

Let a professional handle your epoxy floor solutions to get the best benefits possible.

Bob Jennison