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Diamond Concrete Polishing for Floors

Diamond Concrete Polishing for Floors

Appealing floors can enhance the look of any interior, but finding an appropriate finish for a surface that’s subject to heavy traffic, chemicals or other wear can be a challenge. For many floors, the ideal solution is diamond concrete polishing. Abrading concrete with industrial diamonds leaves the surface beautifully shiny, with a deep, appealing luster. If you own a garage, industrial unit or other commercial space, take a look at the many advantages which concrete polishing can bring to your accommodation.

Concrete Overlays Look Amazing

In some cases, a concrete floor may be too discolored or cracked to benefit from diamond polishing. In these circumstances we recommend an overlay–simply covering the existing surface with a durable coating of polymer resin mixed with sand or cement. Coatings can vary in thickness, giving plenty of options for effective cover, regardless of the state of your existing surface. Once in place, concrete overlays not only look amazing, they’re also fantastically durable and resistant to everything from chemicals to abrasion.

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