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What’s a Decorative Overlay?

What’s a Decorative Overlay?

A decorative overlay includes a feature that may be applied to concrete to alter the surface texture and appearance.

Decorative overlays are utilized to make concrete installations appear like tile, stone, and additional materials. Contracting companies that specialize in decorative overlays may install them by request, or those skilled at these types of tasks may do it on their own.

Benefits of Decorative Overlay

A benefit to a decorative overlay is that it may be applied by our Residential Concrete Contractors to old or new concrete. With old concrete, the surface may be scrubbed and checked for any defects prior to being prepared, with problems like cracks being filled in. As the concrete is prepared, a polymer adhesive may be applied prior to a stencil being laid down and overlay material carefully is troweled into place. The overlay materials might be dyed prior to being installed, or afterward, with the objective typically being to develop a variegated appearance that makes the decorative overlay look realistic. After overlay is completely in place, a sealer may be applied in order to keep the material appearing good; the sealer might occasionally have to be stripped then reapplied to sustain a crisp look.

Why use Decorative Overlay?

One reason our Residential Concrete Contractors utilize a decorative overlay includes refurbishing an existing concrete installation with a more attractive surface material. Utilizing an overlay may save money, as the flooring doesn’t have to be removed, and the overlay is less expensive than having to install actual tile, stone, and other floor finishes. Also, the overlay may be more durable, which may be a concern upon high-traffic floors that may otherwise be damaged by routine use.

Businesses that deal with decorative overlays for customers should have the ability to offer interested individuals a portfolio of their work, and show a number of examples in various settings, which include later photos demonstrating how well the overlay aged. Also, they should back or guarantee their products, so that if there’s an issue with the installation, they’ll pay to remedy it. Get professional installation Individuals interested in performing their own decorative overlays may locate decorative overlay systems at a few home supply shops, or order them right through our Residential Concrete Contractors.

It’s suggested to first practice on a test patch of concrete in order to get accustomed to the procedure prior to taking on an entire patio, floor, or likewise concrete installation. Also, it might be possible to go to a class to study how to install overlays that may be an excellent method of picking tips and tricks up when practicing skills.

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Bob Jennison