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The Concrete Choice: Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option

The Concrete Choice- Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option-jenco-companies

The Concrete Choice: Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option

The most unfortunate thing about polished concrete flooring is that, when people hear about polished concrete flooring, images of utilitarian, Spartan home design, with inspiration taken from prison cells or industrial car assembly floors might come to mind.

But concrete is so much more than that. Concrete is versatile, both visually and in terms of texture, and instead of being a flooring choice that locks you into the eternally cold grey, concrete can be any color, for what in the end amounts to a very agreeable price tag versus other more premium options like natural stone or hardwoods. Furthermore, stain control on floors made of concrete is much, much easier – especially with a quality professional like Jenco on your side.

But there’s more to why concrete is your best flooring option, without a doubt – and here are some of these significant options:

Concrete Can Be Colored – In Many Ways

Concrete isn’t just grey. It can also be dyed, with pigments mixed straight into the mix before the concrete is applied. Concrete can be painted, which isn’t the best option for your floors, but is a cost-effective way to keep concrete walls looking creative.

Concrete stains can also be applied, in the form of very fine films of translucent finish in a color of your choice. And finally, special hardeners can be applied to the surface of drying concrete to infuse its surface layer with color. No matter what your preferred flooring color is, concrete has got it all.

Concrete Surface Quality

Do you like that rough quality that natural stone gives when it’s been flamed as a finish? Then you’ll love the way concrete looks once it’s been troweled.

Do you like that polished look? Concrete has it too.

Colorful gloss? There are always epoxy coatings.

No matter what your taste is, so long as it isn’t wooden, concrete captures the look and feel you’ll want. And if you ever feel cold, there’s always carpeting.

Concrete: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Hardwood floors promote the exploitation of the rainforests that provide a home to many millions of tropical species – countless of which have been lost in lumber operations.

Natural stone also requires the mining and quarrying of natural stone sites – which is what makes it relatively expensive. Concrete, on the other hand, requires less energy to create, can easily be stored and poured on location, is good for air quality so long as it’s been mixed properly, and delays the growth of fungi such as mold, which can develop in poorly-treated hardwoods as per HGTV.

And don’t forget that it’s a great option for stain control on floors.

So if you want a versatile, cost-effective and beautiful option for your home’s flooring, concrete is a definite go-to.