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Concrete Flooring Fatigue? Revive That Floor!

Concrete Flooring Fatigue? Revive That Floor!

If you’re not sure what to do with the concrete under your feet, other than put something over it, you’re missing out on a beautiful and durable floor that’s great for home or business. A lot of people associate concrete floors with their own garage, or an industrial space, but concrete floors can be great in any space.

In fact, HGTC touts concrete as a great, eco-friendly option for any kind of use. The addition of a coating can help to make your concrete floor resistant to weather, chemicals, and even pet accidents. If you have a preexisting concrete floor that’s a little the worse for wear, you don’t need to go to the expense of tiling over it.

There are lots of options for reviving that floor, including:

  • polishing;
  • staining/painting;
  • epoxy floor coatings

All will do the trick when it comes to keeping your floor looking its best. However, Concrete Network notes that existing concrete floors often need a deep cleaning before polishing or even some repairs, so there is some extra effort required.

Deep Cleaning Your floor will need to be prepped with a bit of light to heavy cleaning, depending on the condition of the concrete. This includes:

  • Light: Typical for residential/home projects. All it needs is some heavy scrubbing and a detergent soap.
  • Medium: Power washers will usually get the job done, and in less time.
  • Heavy: If you’re using chemical cleaners, make sure it’s for cleaning and not stripping.

Is Resurfacing an Option?

Even if your floor seems to be beyond help, there are options to have it looking perfect, including applying a fresh coating of concrete to an existing floor. This is called resurfacing.

When a smooth application of new concrete is applied and then polished and sealed, you’ll find that it’s economical and beautiful. However, not all floors can be resurfaced – your contractor can tell you if your floor is a good candidate for cleaning and polishing or if you’ll need to resurface.

No matter what you need, a reputable polisher will have lots of time and budget friendly solutions on tap.

Get in touch and find out what you can do to revive that floor!

Bob Jennison