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2017’s Hottest Residential Concrete Trends

2017’s Hottest Residential Concrete Trends

If you think concrete is boring, think again. With applications to stoke any designer’s imagination, your concrete polishing constructor can improve your home with a variety of projects. Here are 2017’s hottest residential concrete trends.


In 2017, homeowners refuse to put up with unattractive concrete. Do you have a cracked, faded, or an otherwise unsightly concrete garage floor? If so, replacing it might not be your only option. Instead, you might consider overlaying your old patio with a new concrete covering. Before you do, check with a skilled concrete contractor to see if a polish will rejuvenate your slab. If it won’t, you can use a polymer resin and sand to give your concrete a brand-new look. Even if your slab has sustained considerable damage, your contractor can likely increase the thickness of the overlay to give you a beautiful, durable covering.


Dull concrete is so 2016. In 2017, homeowners are choosing to revitalize their lifeless concrete with diamond polishing. If you go this route, your contractor will use industrial diamonds to make tiny scratches in your concrete. The result is a shiny, durable floor that is certain to give virtually any slab a designer look. Even better, this type of polishing is effective in high traffic areas and places where you use industrial cleaning products.


Many pouring new slabs in 2017 are opting to include stenciled patterns in their concrete’s finish. If you ae looking for an effective way to add style to a plain concrete floor, a stencil might be right for you. Similarly, if you think you are stuck with pre-made patterns or designs, you aren’t. Your concrete slab constructor can help you create a custom stencil for your project, such as your company’s brand or logo.


In 2017, concrete is no longer always gray. Instead, homeowners (and businesses) are choosing a variety of dyes to give their slabs a punch of color. If you aren’t ready for a completely colorful floor, you can use dye selectively to give you a more sophisticated look. Consider coloring a border or simple pattern into your floor. If you aren’t sure how the final product will look, talk to your contractor about seeing a sample before you commit.


Homeowners in 2017 aren’t limiting concrete to floors, walkways, and patios. Rather, they are realizing the benefits of using concrete for countertops and other applications. Whether you want an industrial or polished look, you can use versatile concrete throughout your house. If you are considering turning your modern home into a masterpiece, work with a concrete slab constructor for the most functional attractive applications.

Start with 2017’s hottest trends in concrete and add your own style and taste.

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