Experienced Concrete Overlay Company in Stockton, CA

A large number of residential property owners and businesses are already enjoying the benefits which concrete slab constructions and diamond concrete polishing can bring to their premises. We are the concrete overlay contractor who gives that joy to may. When correctly treated, concrete can be transformed into a beautifully colored, smooth expanse of flooring which has an appealing luster and attractive, natural appearance. If you need flooring that can cope with the rigors of heavy traffic, while requiring minimal maintenance, concrete is a superb choice.

Specialty Concrete Contractor

We are a well-established company that has been providing concrete flooring for a number of years now. Our aim is to consider each job separately and come up with a customized solution that will give the premium results our customers demand. We are used to working on residential and commercial remodeling projects, recognizing that a “one size fits all” way of working is unsuitable for older properties or business premises with niche requirements. Using our extensive skills and knowledge, we are able to recommend options that are cost-effective and tick all our customers’ boxes.

Floor Finishing Service

If you’re happy with the overall integrity of your floor, but concerned that it’s beginning to look worn and tired, why not let us give it a well-deserved facelift? Using our specialist polishing and finishing techniques, we can give your flooring a whole new lease of life. Many people have been amazed by the difference our restoration has made to a floor they’d all but given up on. For customers that need an entire room or house remodeling, we also offer a selection of additional services which include painting and decorating, dry wall repair, pressure cleaning and more.

Your Concrete Flooring Provider in Stockton, CA

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers in the Stockton area and welcome the opportunity to work with you in order to make your home or business premises into something special. To discuss your requirements with us or for any other information, please call us now at (209) 931-8129.