Bob Jennison

[email protected] (209) 915-0441

Bob Jennison is the head bullshitter at Jenco Companies. Ask him any question about painting, concrete polishing or commercial spaces and he will give you the long and short of it.

Brian Smith

[email protected] (209) 915-5409

Brian Smith a degree in Economics and started his career at as a Sales Representative for Sherwin Williams Paint. Several years later he joined Jenco Companies and handles all matter of business related to concrete polishing. He knows the ins and outs of concrete polishing and can tell you exactly how to make your floor shine.

Jose Mejia

[email protected] (209) 601-1372

Jose Mejia started as an immigrant from Mexico seventeen years ago with Jenco Painting and could barely speak English. He has quickly learned English, became a citizen, and now handles all our crews. He schedules all projects. Call him directly, he is always available to facilitate your project.

Holly Smith

Office Manager
[email protected] (209) 931-8129

Holly Smith maintains our office and organizes all of us (not a simple task). Call her when you have any question.