When epoxies or coatings are applied to concrete floors, the final results can be less than impressive. The reasons for these results can vary depending on the situation. The problems can arise prior to installation, when the floors are not properly prepared. For the new coatings to adhere, the floors must be absolutely clean and free of old coatings. Any imperfections in the old floor must also be ground flat. If not, these imperfections can still be seen even after the installation is complete. In addition to these problems, many coatings can emit dangerous fumes during installation that can harm people or the environment. If the floors are properly prepared and the coating is correctly applied, the initial finish can appear quite nice … but you must keep traffic off the floor for 1-7 days while it cures. Once the floor is fully cured, you have a whole new set of possible problems to be concerned with.

These problems can vary depending on which type of coating is used. The problems can include:

·         Bubbling due to water being trapped beneath the coating

·         Cracking or peeling

·         Chipping from dropped tools

·         Marking or removal by hot tires

·         Burns from welding or grinding

·         Discoloration due to age or UV rays

·         High reapplications cost when any of these problems occur

On the other hand, when a floor is polished and dyed, a chemical densifier is added to the concrete to increase strength and fill any remaining pores. There is not coating or sealer used in the process, so there is nothing to reapply. This eliminates the need for any ongoing maintenance or reapplication costs. All applications should require nothing more than normal cleaning for at least 5-10 years.

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