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Designer Choice of Exterior House Paint Colors

Consumer Reports just released its report on Top Exterior Paint Colors for 2018 and we thought we’d give you our designer picks of her favorite house paint colors. Sherwin Williams is our preferred paint vendor, so here it is.

Pair with a Gray Roof

  • Door – Salty Dog SW9177
  • Body – Sea Salt SW6204
  • Trim – Extra White SW7006

Pair with a Brown Roof

  • Door – Drizzle SW6479
  • Body – Intellectual Gray SW7045
  • Trim – Wordly Gray SW7043

Pair with a Black Roof

  • Door – Cyberspace SW7076
  • Body – Silverpointe SW7653
  • Trim – Wall Street SW7665

Designer Choice Exterior House Paint Colors stockton california







  1. When choosing a paint color, buy samples and apply them to different areas of your exterior. Observe the colors at all different time of day/night to make sure you know what they look like before you commit
  2. Don’t judge the color until it’s completely dry
  3. Painting your house is an investment that is well worth it
  4. Prepped work is the most important thing, without the proper preparation and primer, the paint will fail.

Need help picking your paint colors? Jenco Companies in-house interior designers can help you. Give us a call today.

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