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Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money-lightning

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money

The floor removal of worn-out floor coverings from concrete is always a massive challenge. It not only takes a lot of time in manual labor, but it also can cost you loads of money.

The good news is Jenco Companies is able to remove old floor surfaces with advanced equipment specifically for this type of project. And we can do this in half the time saving you money and keeping you within your timeline.

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money-lightning

What Our Specialized Scraper Equipment Can do for Your Next Floor Removal Job

Our specialized scraper equipment is a one-man machine that can tackle these hard to remove surfaces:

  • Glued Down Hardwood
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Thin Set
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Marble
  • Glued Down Carpet
  • Epoxy Coating

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money-1Want to Decrease the Floor Removal Time?

Our specialized scraper machine can decrease the time of flooring removal and floor preparation time by up to 80%. We can also provide dust containment in residential homes and commercial buildings. We remove the flooring and scrape the concrete, removing anything from thin set to adhesives. When we are finished, we haul the debris away and clear the site.

Floor Removal Service that will Save You Time and Money-1Shave Days off Your Timeline

The normal floor covering removal project that could take days, will now only take hours with the help of Jenco Companies.

Call us to discuss your next floor removal project and let us tell you how hiring us will be cheaper and faster than manually removing the flooring and even cheaper than if you rent a machine and do it yourself.

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What Paint Sheen Should I Use on My Walls

What Paint Sheen Should I Use on My Walls








What Paint Sheen Should I Use on My Walls

The second question your painting contractor will ask you is “what sheen do you want?” (the first being what color do you want?)

And the paint sheen is an important decision based on what will happen in the room you’re painting.

Are you concerned with durability and washing off messy fingerprints? Or are you more concerned with appearance?

Here is a cheat-sheet to determine the appropriate paint sheen for your particular painting project.


PROS: does not reflect light, hides imperfections and provides a smooth soft finish
CONS: more difficult to clean and may rub off with harsh cleansers
USES: rooms with low traffic and little use (formal dining rooms, formal living rooms, ceilings)


PROS: slight shine, smooth and a velvety texture, more washable than flat sheens
CONS: washable to a point – not good for high traffic areas
USES: living room, dining room, bedrooms, entry, family room, hallways, kitchen


PROS: slight gloss, elegant look and very versatile, easy to clean
CONS: may show some wall imperfections
USES: kitchens, bathroom, laundry room, family room, playroom, children’s room, trims, doors


PROS: very shiny, very washable
CONS: shows all imperfections
USES: kitchens, bathrooms, utility area, closet doors, trim, woodwork, and cabinetry, railings, shutters, molding, and ceilings


PROS: smooth finish and very durable
CONS: highlights all imperfections
USES: doors, windows, trim, architectural elements, cabinets, furniture, kitchen, bathrooms

If you need help picking your sheen, the team at Jenco Companies can help. Give us a call (209) 931-8129

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3 Reasons to Choose Epoxy Floor Coating

3 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coating

3 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coating







When considering the benefits of any type of epoxy coating for an existing concrete floor, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, and perhaps most importantly, the quality of epoxy floor coating is very different in the do-it-yourself kits that are available at your local hardware store and the epoxy compounds used
by professional installers.

The difference in the final epoxy floor coating between the do-it-yourself kit and the professional service is not just in the actual coating. The professional service has the expertise, experience, and equipment to correctly prepare the existing concrete floor. This means power washing, surface treatment, repairs of cracks and chips in the flooring and also ensuring the final application is beautiful, even and complete over the entire surface.

With the professional application of the epoxy coating, there are several important benefits or advantages to consider over other flooring options. The following three issues are relevant in commercial buildings as well as residential properties.

Why Epoxy Floor Coating?

Strength and Durability

Once professionally installed, epoxy floor coating provides a long lasting, strong and very durable surface for concrete floors. The floor becomes highly resistant to chipping, scratching and marking, leaving a beautiful surface.

Low Maintenance

Epoxy coatings make concrete easy to clear. Basic maintenance includes sweeping to keep debris off the floor and mopping as needed with soap and warm water. This is a stain resistant finish that seals the concrete, preventing the absorption of chemicals, water or other types of spills that would damage other flooring options.

Style and Finish

At Jenco Companies, we have the expertise to install the epoxy coating to meet your expectations in style and finish options. To discuss the look you want, give us a call at 209-931-8129 and let us install the ideal floor you have been searching to find.

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Reasons to Let Professionals Handle your Floor Demolition

Reasons to Let the Professionals Handle Floor Demolition

Reasons to Let the Professionals Handle Floor Demolition

If you have a concrete floor you want to save removed, you may be tempted to try and handle the process on your own. In most cases, this isn’t a great idea. The fact is, floor demolition can be dangerous and difficult. Some of the reasons you should hire professionals to handle the demolition process can be found here.

Safety Concerns

In order to properly remove a concrete floor, quite a bit of heavy equipment is needed. If you don’t know how to properly use this equipment, it may result in you being injured or causing damage to more than just the floor. It is never a good idea to try and handle floor demolition on your own if you have no prior experience with this type of

Proper Tools and Equipment

Another reason to hire professionals for floor demolition is because they will have all the tools and equipment that are needed. If you were to try and handle the process on your own, you would either have to rent or buy all the necessary tools that are needed to handle the job. This can quickly reach the thousand dollar range, or more.
However, when professionals are hired to do the job, the price is much more affordable and they will arrive with all the equipment needed to handle the job.

More Affordable

As mentioned before, hiring professionals for floor demolition is a much more affordable option. In fact, the cost of these services is going to be a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself.

If you need to have a concrete floor demolished, then you can call Jenco Companies at (209) 931-8129. We offer quality services and affordable prices to handle the job you need done.

Why Hiring Floor Demolition Professionals is Wise

Why Hiring Floor Demolition Professionals is Wise

Why Hiring Floor Demolition Professionals is Wise

Over time, there may be a few things a homeowner wants to change about their residence. Rather than trying to take on a remodeling or home improvement project alone, you need to find the right  professionals to assist you.

Replacing the flooring in a home is one of the most common remodeling projects out there. Before new flooring can be installed, the old flooring will have to be torn up. Hiring floor demolition services is important when trying to get this job done correctly. The following are some of the reasons why hiring the floor demolition professionals is a great idea.

The Right Tools For the Job

The main benefit of hiring floor demolition services is that they will have the right tools to get this job done correctly. Using things like jackhammers is a great way to get a floor busted up and ready to remove. Trying to do this job with just a sledgehammer can lead to a lot of extra work being done. Instead of overly exerting yourself
due to a lack of tools and experience, hiring floor demolition services is the best option.

Getting a New Flooring Poured and Ready

Once the old concrete flooring has been demolished and removed, you will need to get new flooring installed. The demolition professionals you have hired will have no problem getting the new flooring put down in a hurry. Due to the complexity involved in installing concrete floors, allowing a professional to handle it is wise. Without professional guidance, the new floors will be uneven and may crack as a result, which will lead to even more money being spent on this project.

Getting help from our team is the best way to address the flooring needs you have.

If you need an estimate or a breakdown of the services we can offer, you can contact us today.

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The Benefits of Polymer Concrete Overlays-jenco-companies

The Benefits of Polymer Concrete Overlays

 The Benefits of Polymer Concrete Overlays

Are you on the lookout for the best possible material to use for your home or business’s flooring? Concrete Overlays may be the solution your looking for.

If you are, there’s certainly a lot to consider.

How much traffic comes and goes through the room in question?

What types of equipment or furniture will the room contain?

The way the room is used ultimately should make a big difference in the type of flooring within it. For all intents and purposes, however, polymer concrete is the best choice all around. Whether you’re unsure of your options or are just conducting a bit of research before making your decision, read on to learn why polymer concrete overlays are such a popular and useful flooring material.

Concrete Overlays – Incredible Resilience

One of the biggest features of polymer concrete overlays is its topnotch resilience. This particular material is designed to withstand force, friction and other kinds of wear. In fact, polymer concrete is often used as a base for swimming pools, as it can easily endure the various chemicals used in pool water with nary a scuff.

This type of strength is great if you’re looking to refloor a room filled with heavy equipment or machinery, or work in a facility that handles chemicals on a regular basis. No matter what kind of mishap or spill happens, you can rest assured your flooring won’t be affected.

Concrete Overlays – Blends Well With Existing Flooring

Sometimes you don’t need a total overhaul of your room’s floors. Quite a large amount of consumers only need something to patch up their existing floors. If this is your need, you can still rely on polymer concrete overlays to fulfill the job.

This material has been used for decades to fill in those little cracks and holes that eventually worm their way up to your flooring. Studies actually show polymer concrete overlays salvage the lifespan of the average floor by several years.

There’s no better option for your floors than Jenco Companies! Get in touch today by calling (209) 931-8129

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2017’s Hottest Residential Concrete Trends

2017’s Hottest Residential Concrete Trends

If you think concrete is boring, think again. With applications to stoke any designer’s imagination, your concrete polishing constructor can improve your home with a variety of projects. Here are 2017’s hottest residential concrete trends.


In 2017, homeowners refuse to put up with unattractive concrete. Do you have a cracked, faded, or an otherwise unsightly concrete garage floor? If so, replacing it might not be your only option. Instead, you might consider overlaying your old patio with a new concrete covering. Before you do, check with a skilled concrete contractor to see if a polish will rejuvenate your slab. If it won’t, you can use a polymer resin and sand to give your concrete a brand-new look. Even if your slab has sustained considerable damage, your contractor can likely increase the thickness of the overlay to give you a beautiful, durable covering.


Dull concrete is so 2016. In 2017, homeowners are choosing to revitalize their lifeless concrete with diamond polishing. If you go this route, your contractor will use industrial diamonds to make tiny scratches in your concrete. The result is a shiny, durable floor that is certain to give virtually any slab a designer look. Even better, this type of polishing is effective in high traffic areas and places where you use industrial cleaning products.


Many pouring new slabs in 2017 are opting to include stenciled patterns in their concrete’s finish. If you ae looking for an effective way to add style to a plain concrete floor, a stencil might be right for you. Similarly, if you think you are stuck with pre-made patterns or designs, you aren’t. Your concrete slab constructor can help you create a custom stencil for your project, such as your company’s brand or logo.


In 2017, concrete is no longer always gray. Instead, homeowners (and businesses) are choosing a variety of dyes to give their slabs a punch of color. If you aren’t ready for a completely colorful floor, you can use dye selectively to give you a more sophisticated look. Consider coloring a border or simple pattern into your floor. If you aren’t sure how the final product will look, talk to your contractor about seeing a sample before you commit.


Homeowners in 2017 aren’t limiting concrete to floors, walkways, and patios. Rather, they are realizing the benefits of using concrete for countertops and other applications. Whether you want an industrial or polished look, you can use versatile concrete throughout your house. If you are considering turning your modern home into a masterpiece, work with a concrete slab constructor for the most functional attractive applications.

Start with 2017’s hottest trends in concrete and add your own style and taste.

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What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor-jenco-companies

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor?

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor-jenco-companies-floor-polishing-stockton-ca

What Floor Finish is Best For Your Floor?

Floors may seem inconsequential to some, but to anyone who’s had to confront the reality of replacing a flooring solution, building an entirely new one for an aspiring home or renovation project, or just generally anyone with knowledge about construction will know that, both visually and structurally, the floor finish is incredibly important.

It’s what we stand on – it has to support our weight, the weight of our appliances and furniture, and in garages, they have to support even more.

But a floor isn’t a matter of material – it’s also a matter of finish. Different materials require different finishes – and among these options, some are better than others depending on your financial means and the circumstances of the floor you own. So let’s go over what some of your options are, and which are best in that regard.


The thing of beauty with concrete is that it is incredibly versatile – almost frighteningly so. Basically, concrete gives you the ability to have a cost-effective flooring option, and then hand paint, stencil, stain or finish it as you please to create tile-like looks, an entirely perfectly polished commercial floor, metallic-pigmented flooring to resemble wood or natural stone, and even carpeting.

As per the Concrete Network, there are plenty of floor finishing service options – but the most common are pure polishes and epoxy coatings.

Polished concrete is smooth, glossy, and high-luster.

Epoxy coatings make a concrete floor incredibly resistant to force, chemicals, heat and more – all while giving you a myriad of color options, at the expense of a higher expense.

What really matters in concrete finishes is the quality of the company administering your floor finishing service – but if you contact a quality provider, like Jenco, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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The Concrete Choice: Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option

The Concrete Choice- Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option-jenco-companies

The Concrete Choice: Why Polished Concrete Flooring Is Your Best Flooring Option

The most unfortunate thing about polished concrete flooring is that, when people hear about polished concrete flooring, images of utilitarian, Spartan home design, with inspiration taken from prison cells or industrial car assembly floors might come to mind.

But concrete is so much more than that. Concrete is versatile, both visually and in terms of texture, and instead of being a flooring choice that locks you into the eternally cold grey, concrete can be any color, for what in the end amounts to a very agreeable price tag versus other more premium options like natural stone or hardwoods. Furthermore, stain control on floors made of concrete is much, much easier – especially with a quality professional like Jenco on your side.

But there’s more to why concrete is your best flooring option, without a doubt – and here are some of these significant options:

Concrete Can Be Colored – In Many Ways

Concrete isn’t just grey. It can also be dyed, with pigments mixed straight into the mix before the concrete is applied. Concrete can be painted, which isn’t the best option for your floors, but is a cost-effective way to keep concrete walls looking creative.

Concrete stains can also be applied, in the form of very fine films of translucent finish in a color of your choice. And finally, special hardeners can be applied to the surface of drying concrete to infuse its surface layer with color. No matter what your preferred flooring color is, concrete has got it all.

Concrete Surface Quality

Do you like that rough quality that natural stone gives when it’s been flamed as a finish? Then you’ll love the way concrete looks once it’s been troweled.

Do you like that polished look? Concrete has it too.

Colorful gloss? There are always epoxy coatings.

No matter what your taste is, so long as it isn’t wooden, concrete captures the look and feel you’ll want. And if you ever feel cold, there’s always carpeting.

Concrete: The Eco-Friendly Choice

Hardwood floors promote the exploitation of the rainforests that provide a home to many millions of tropical species – countless of which have been lost in lumber operations.

Natural stone also requires the mining and quarrying of natural stone sites – which is what makes it relatively expensive. Concrete, on the other hand, requires less energy to create, can easily be stored and poured on location, is good for air quality so long as it’s been mixed properly, and delays the growth of fungi such as mold, which can develop in poorly-treated hardwoods as per HGTV.

And don’t forget that it’s a great option for stain control on floors.

So if you want a versatile, cost-effective and beautiful option for your home’s flooring, concrete is a definite go-to.

Polished Concrete Flooring Stockton

Concrete Floor Polishing: Why Go Pro Over DIY

Finishing Service: Why Go Pro Over DIY

Smooth, shiny floors don’t last long. Chips, scratches and stains have a way of happening eventually. And if you don’t regularly devote time to polishing your floors, the shine’s going to come off much, much sooner rather than later. That’s when finding a floor finishing service becomes important.

DIY Solutions

Yes, there are plenty of DIY solutions out there. You can easily check tutorial sites online and figure out how to get it done. If you’re under a tight budget, this idea can seem like the ideal solution.

However, if you have precious little time to spare, calling in pros might be a better option. You’ll also need the right tools and that’s going to add to the cost. It might not even make sense to buy the tools if you’re only going to use them once or just a few times. Not a good investment on your part. And while you can certainly rent the equipment, you’ll have to go through the inconvenience of booking it and returning it. It’s also likely that the project will take a whole lot longer to finish.

If you don’t relish the thought of dealing with all the hassle and stress, then it makes sense to simply call in the experts to take care of this for you.

Expert help

The best thing about calling in the pros is that you have more time to devote to other things on your to-do list. You also won’t have to live with the mess longer than necessary. A professional floor finishing service will certainly get the job done much faster. They also have specialized tools for the job. Not only will they get it right but they will render better results than.

If that matters to you, then hiring a professional service is your best move. If you haven’t got enough experience, you could end up dealing irreparable damage to your floors. That’s a worry you can avoid when you hire professionals to do the job for you.

In addition, removing blemishes and scratches take skill. If you don’t think you have what it takes to make those dull floors look shiny and new, then no worries. Just hire a professional team to do it for you.

Get Better Floors With Us

At Jenco, we offer you a range of floor repair and refurbishment services so you can get the floor you want that’s also right for your budget.

Last week Brian went to the Concrete Network Conference to learn all about the latest technology and source out new machinery.

Explore the options to work with us.Bob Jennison