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Three Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring

Three Reasons to Choose Epoxy Flooring

Choosing flooring can be a difficult task, and every option likely has unique pros and cons. One of the most popular choices is epoxy, and when you do some research, you’ll see why. Epoxy floor covering is an affordable and durable option that protects against wear and tear than would otherwise damage your floors.

These are just a few of its many benefits, though. If you are considering epoxy flooring, you should consult with a contractor to see if it is the right option. A flooring professional can help you make a decision, but here are three reasons you might want to join the club and go with epoxy.

Its Versatility is Unmatched

Do you need a flooring material that’s resistant to chemicals, aesthetically pleasing and boasts superior safety? An epoxy floor covering offers all of this, which is why it’s one of the most versatile flooring materials available. It’s perfect for use in a home or garage, since it reduces slippage and is exceptionally strong. It’s also perfect for use in many commercial environments, too. It can be used in auto shops, warehouses and factories. It is favored in many industrial buildings because few other flooring options provide the same level of safety and durability.

It Doesn’t Require Extensive Maintenance

How often do you have to clean your carpet? Do you have to buff hardwood floors regularly? Most form of flooring require a minimum level of maintenance, and it can be unavoidable. This maintenance eventually eats up time and money, though, and it’s little more than an inconvenience. An epoxy floor covering is one of the only materials you will find that truly requires minimal maintenance. The covering seals the underlayment, which means that once it sets, it is no longer porous. You don’t have to worry about dust and bacteria gathering and polluting the air. A regular sweep and mop is adequate for maintaining it.

You’re Helping Out the Environment

As if the above reasons aren’t enough, you can add a lesser environmental impact to the list of reasons an epoxy floor covering is a good idea. It can massively reduce the use of resources when it is used to re-coat existing flooring rather than installing a new material. Since it also lasts longer than most other options, you will replace it less frequently and minimize unnecessary waste. We can help you get the most out of epoxy.

When you’ve decided on a flooring option, we will partner with you to produce a high quality result.

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Transform Your Floor with Decorative Concrete Polishing

Transform Your Floor with Decorative Concrete Polishing

Are you tired of staring at your worn, stained, cracked and generally-undesirable floor? Do you crave a fresh, contemporary surface that looks attractive and lasts for years, even under tough conditions? For many businesses, transforming their concrete floors using diamond concrete polishing or concrete coatings is a cost effective solution to their surfacing problem. If you want top results for an affordable price, it’s time to call us out to get the job done.

Concrete Floor Polishing Gives a Stronger Surface

One of the major challenges for business owners is finding a way to keep their floors looking fresh and new, even when they’re subjected to exceptionally heavy traffic, chemicals, significant weights or other punishing variables. A major advantage of diamond polishing is the enhanced durability that the process brings to a traditional concrete floor. Sodium silicate provides added toughness during diamond polishing, so a polished floor is capable of withstanding significant stresses and strains without cracking or pitting.

Epoxy Coating/Covering Brings Added Benefits

A growing number of businesses in Modesto and Stockton are opting for an epoxy coating to provide an added layer of protection to their concrete floors. The floor ends up beautifully smooth and level, even if it previously was in pretty poor shape. Polishing or coating offers all the advantages of a new floor but without the hefty price tag. These options are also much quicker to undertake than installing an entirely fresh surface–a key consideration in a commercial environment when downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.

Proud to Provide Local Flooring in Stockton, CA and Modesto, CA

We are a well-established company that has a strong track record in providing premium flooring solutions for a wide range of industrial enterprises, garages and other commercial ventures. Our significant skills and experience enable us to undertake a wide variety of different projects successfully. If you’ve got a floor that could do with a makeover, we’re here to help.

Contact us now at (209) 931-8129.

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Diamond Concrete Polishing for Floors

Diamond Concrete Polishing for Floors

Appealing floors can enhance the look of any interior, but finding an appropriate finish for a surface that’s subject to heavy traffic, chemicals or other wear can be a challenge. For many floors, the ideal solution is diamond concrete polishing. Abrading concrete with industrial diamonds leaves the surface beautifully shiny, with a deep, appealing luster. If you own a garage, industrial unit or other commercial space, take a look at the many advantages which concrete polishing can bring to your accommodation.

Concrete Overlays Look Amazing

In some cases, a concrete floor may be too discolored or cracked to benefit from diamond polishing. In these circumstances we recommend an overlay–simply covering the existing surface with a durable coating of polymer resin mixed with sand or cement. Coatings can vary in thickness, giving plenty of options for effective cover, regardless of the state of your existing surface. Once in place, concrete overlays not only look amazing, they’re also fantastically durable and resistant to everything from chemicals to abrasion.

Dedicated to the Needs of Stockton and Modesto, CA Homes and Businesses

We’re a local company that’s committed to serving businesses and residential customers in our area. Our aim is to provide top-quality results alongside exemplary customer service, ensuring that every project we undertake is completed on time, on budget and to an exceptionally high standard.

To find out more about how we can help, contact us now at (209) 931-8129.

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Deciphering the Different Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Deciphering the Different Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings

One of the guaranteed ways of adding value and elegance to your home is by investing in epoxy floor coatings. They are very effective in protecting concrete floors from wear, especially in the highly trafficked areas. To get utmost value for your money, it is imperative to purchase the coating from an accredited and reputable supplier.

More importantly, have it installed by a professional to get the best results. For over five decades, Jenco Companies has been providing exceptional decorating and painting services to hundreds if not thousands of clients. Professionalism, diligence, and transparency are some of the main pillars that the company is founded on. All our tradesmen are experts with years of experience in this industry.

If you want the epoxy floor coatings applied correctly, this is the company to call. Despite the fact that our services are unsurpassed, they are very affordable and convenient for both residential and commercial premises. Knowing the different types of epoxy floor coatings that exist in the market will help you choose the best. Here is a brief description of the most common coatings that you can purchase today.

Water-Based Epoxy Floor Coatings

This is an ideal choice for coating porous surfaces as it can penetrate into the deep layers of the floor. You can use it as a sealer and primer over degreased concrete surfaces. One of the main reasons why most people prefer it to other floor coatings is its ability to give concrete surfaces a glossy and smooth finish that has superior protective capabilities against chemical reactions, abrasion, and stains.

100% Solid Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are looking for a durable floor coating that will stand the test of time, go for 100% solid epoxy coating. The best can last for up to two decades even when subjected to heavy machinery and human traffic. Installers use hardeners to make the coating dry up into solid form and bond firmly to the concrete substrate.

Solvent-Based Epoxy Floor Coatings

This type of floor coating has a composition of solids that range between 30-70%. It is widely used in residential properties due to its ability to create a thin layer on concrete floors. It can be used as a primer or sealer, just like the water based floor coatings.

Jenco Companies have an in-depth understanding of all three epoxy floor coatings and can install them for you at an affordable price.

Contact their support team (209) 931-8129 today to learn more about their service packages and pricing.

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Polished Concrete – What is it?

What’s Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete includes a construction material which most often is utilized as flooring for Home Decorating. It’s created as regular concrete is ground down then polished. A few advantages of polished concrete are that it’s fairly low-cost, is durable, requires little maintenance, and possesses a unique look. Its shortcomings are that it may be uncomfortable to stand on for lengthy time periods, may make a room feel cooler and may make louder sounds while walked on than additional types of flooring. Polished concrete may be discovered in government buildings, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, and other venues.

How is Polished Concrete Done?

Concrete traditionally is polished with a special machine. The machine will rub diamond-containing segments or disks against the concrete in order to wear it down. Diamonds are utilized because their hardness assists in grinding concrete more effectively. Polishing and grinding are performed in multiple steps. At first, segments with a rougher or coarser grit are used, and though the quantity of grinding required at this phase varies, rough grinding typically is done 3 – 4 times. After this, a hardener will be applied to the concrete in order to fill its pores in. Disks that have a finer diamond grit then are utilized to again grind the concrete down. The fine grinding, referred to as polishing, also is performed multiple times and continues on until the floor accomplished the desired finish. At last, a sealant may be — yet isn’t always — applied to the concrete.

Polished Concrete Requires Little Maintenance

Polished concrete floors for Home Decorating will require little maintenance. Sometimes, it requires mopping, yet other than this, it’ll require little routine maintenance or cleaning. How often it requires mopping depends upon the quantity of traffic upon the floor and the kind of use. Such flooring doesn’t have to be waxed, because of the hardening solution that is applied to it while grinding. Also, it’ll resist stains, scuff marks, and other regular signs of wear. It’s durable and doesn’t have to be replaced as often as other types of flooring, therefore it’s considered to be eco-friendly. However, polished concrete does have to be refinished every 5 to ten years. Polished concrete will have a distinctive Home Decorating appearance. It’s very smooth and possesses a glassy look, because it’ll reflect a substantial quantity of light. The concrete aggregate sometimes will be exposed.

Not all polished concrete floors are identical, though. It may be decorated in various ways. Those variations may include changing the texture or color of the concrete. For instance, polished concrete may be stamped, painted, stained or patterned.

For more information on our Home Decorating, contact Jenco Companies today at (209) 931- 8129.

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Invest in a Lasting Epoxy Floor Coating

Invest in a Lasting Epoxy Floor Coating

There are many benefits to having epoxy flooring professionally installed that can protect your floors and make them look spectacular. Epoxy itself is a durable and hard wearing solution that is perfect for both industrial and commercial flooring. It can be applied over a concrete floor to offer an attractive, high performance surface that is perfect for many different purposes. Epoxy flooring should be installed by the experts so you are assured quality flooring at great prices, with the work being handled by professionals in the industry.

The Different Types of Businesses that Can Utilize Epoxy Floors Include the Following:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses · Commercial Facilities
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Buildings
  • Laboratories

Epoxy: A Viable and Valuable Flooring Solution

Epoxy coatings on floors can create a high gloss, durable, hard wearing surface. The advantages come through the initial installation phases clear through to long-term maintenance. This type of coating is very fast to install and easy to clean. When epoxy coatings dry they provide a seamless surface that can easily be wiped free of debris, dirt, and dust. The end results of this type of coating can turn a concrete floor into a high performance surface that lasts for many years. In the long run you will save time and money when you choose to have your floors coated with an epoxy coating applied by the professionals.

Get an Attractive and Affordable Flooring Solution

Epoxy coatings come in many different styles and colors. The possibilities are endless. You can choose to have one color used, or choose few to have a decorative pattern applied to your floor with many colors. This also allows you to design designated work and traffic zones. When different colors are used together certain zones such as forklift zones, safety zones, and work zones can be easily located.

Improve the Safety of Your Business

An epoxy floor can improve the safety of your business too. It can become a surface that is chemically resistant for industrial plants, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Epoxy is also used to create an impact, fire, slip, and heat resistant floor coating. Just the high gloss on this type of floor can improve the brightness of a work area by 300%. When you consider that it is also a flooring solution that’s environmentally friendly, it’s easy to see why investing in this type of flooring is a great option for your business.

Let a professional handle your epoxy floor solutions to get the best benefits possible.

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decorative overlay

What’s a Decorative Overlay?

What’s a Decorative Overlay?

A decorative overlay includes a feature that may be applied to concrete to alter the surface texture and appearance.

Decorative overlays are utilized to make concrete installations appear like tile, stone, and additional materials. Contracting companies that specialize in decorative overlays may install them by request, or those skilled at these types of tasks may do it on their own.

Benefits of Decorative Overlay

A benefit to a decorative overlay is that it may be applied by our Residential Concrete Contractors to old or new concrete. With old concrete, the surface may be scrubbed and checked for any defects prior to being prepared, with problems like cracks being filled in. As the concrete is prepared, a polymer adhesive may be applied prior to a stencil being laid down and overlay material carefully is troweled into place. The overlay materials might be dyed prior to being installed, or afterward, with the objective typically being to develop a variegated appearance that makes the decorative overlay look realistic. After overlay is completely in place, a sealer may be applied in order to keep the material appearing good; the sealer might occasionally have to be stripped then reapplied to sustain a crisp look.

Why use Decorative Overlay?

One reason our Residential Concrete Contractors utilize a decorative overlay includes refurbishing an existing concrete installation with a more attractive surface material. Utilizing an overlay may save money, as the flooring doesn’t have to be removed, and the overlay is less expensive than having to install actual tile, stone, and other floor finishes. Also, the overlay may be more durable, which may be a concern upon high-traffic floors that may otherwise be damaged by routine use.

Businesses that deal with decorative overlays for customers should have the ability to offer interested individuals a portfolio of their work, and show a number of examples in various settings, which include later photos demonstrating how well the overlay aged. Also, they should back or guarantee their products, so that if there’s an issue with the installation, they’ll pay to remedy it. Get professional installation Individuals interested in performing their own decorative overlays may locate decorative overlay systems at a few home supply shops, or order them right through our Residential Concrete Contractors.

It’s suggested to first practice on a test patch of concrete in order to get accustomed to the procedure prior to taking on an entire patio, floor, or likewise concrete installation. Also, it might be possible to go to a class to study how to install overlays that may be an excellent method of picking tips and tricks up when practicing skills.

For more information on our Residential Concrete Contractors, contact Jenco Companies today at (209) 931-8129.

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Jenco Companies Adds Machine for Floor Demolition

FLOOR DEMOLITION – Remove Old Tile, VCT, Glue Down Carpet and Hardwood

Are you replacing your floor covering and wondering how your going to tackle the floor demolition?

Are you asking yourself “Isn’t there a way to easily remove old tile, VCT, glue down carpet or even hardwood?”

Jenco Companies just acquired this slick 2000 lb. machine to quickly remove existing flooring and residual adhesives making your floor demolition easy peasy.

Jenco Companies will save you a tons of time with your floor demolition and give you better results. Having a clean and solid substrate is the best way to ensure your new flooring will look it best and perform its best.

Jenco Companies will scrape it up, haul off and have your floor ready for installation of your new floor in no time.

Call us today to find out more.

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Concrete Polishing Trade Shows

World of Concrete in Las Vegas


Brian and I just spent a couple of days at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.  We like to keep up on the latest technology and size up the equipment we want to invest in for concrete polishing.

World of Concrete is held once a year  and all types of concrete suppliers take over about a million square fee, including parking lot displays – Everything you could dream to do with concrete and concrete polishing.

We check out all different types of polishers from a couple of hundred pounds to a couple of thousand pounds.

We saw:

  • Single phase electric to three phase elecric
  • Propane powered
  • Diesel powered polishers on Bobcats
  • Every size vacuum you could imagine
  • And of course diamonds from literally all over the world

It shows just how big polished concrete has become.

Visit our showroom to see concrete polishing and how Jenco Companies can polish your concrete floors

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The Differences Between Polished Concrete Floors

You may not be aware that there are two different types of “polished concrete” floors.

There is a process that is a topical coating and there is a process that is a mechanical polishing.

Let me explain the differences between polished concrete floors and why you want a true mechanical polished floor.

A Topical Coating is a Poor Mans Polish

While a concrete polishing with a topical coating may seem like the way to go because of the original price comparison with a true mechanical polish, but you really need to take a closer look.

A topical coating seems so easy and there are many salesman who will paint a pretty picture, but you will begin a maintenance nightmare. It works out well for the salesman because you will have to continue buying his equipment and product to maintain it.

Topical Clear Coat
This method applies a chemical or coating to the surface of the concrete. Then, it’s sealed or buffed to produce a sheen. While this method can be cost-effective, it lasts only a year or two; eventually, the Topical Sealer will chip, crack, or peel. Remember, nothing you can put on your concrete floor is harder than the concrete itself.

You will continually have to re-coat the high traffic areas while trying not to overload the rest of your floor. Saving a few dollars on the original outlay may be tempting, but you will pay for it for years.

concrete topical coatings failure
Topical coating failure

Why Mechanical Polishing is Superior

When you install a true mechanical polish you will have the lowest maintenance floor possible. You can polish it to 800 grit and just auto scrub or mop it for years (imagine the floors you see in chain stores like Lowes and Home Depot).

Polished Concrete Chase Service Bay

You may never have to touch it with a polisher again – NO JOKE!

If you want a high sheen you can polish it to a 3000 grit and get a very high sheen that actually comes from the sand in the concrete. When the sand is polished with diamonds it makes it shine like glass because the sand is actually melted (think of a glass blower making a vase).  The true shine is not from a chemical, it is inherent in the concrete, so it will never wear off.

Concrete Floor Polishing Industrial

If you have any questions about how the process works, come by our Design Workshop full of examples of the various options.

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